We provide high detailed Landscape Design including detailed construction documentation and construction drawings with schedules of all materials along with written construction specifications ready for tendering. We provide Contract Administration on request and can recommend preferred contractors. We also design swimming pools as part of the landscape design service.

Designs are completed using the latest 3D technology using Archicad software that is now used by many Architectural firms.

Areas Serviced
Most residential work is in Melbourne but we also have a base at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.

Landscape Design service can be completed anywhere in Australia and overseas.

The first step in the process is to meet with Jim in his office to discuss the project. This 30 minute meeting will enable Jim to get an overview of the project as well gathering information regarding your garden preferences such as taste, colour schemes, styles and lifestyle requirements to determine a project brief. Jim will then discuss the process of design and provide an outline of fees. There is no charge for this meeting.

Once the initial meeting has taken place, a written fee proposal will be submitted. This outlines the stages of design work required and the fees for each stage. As a guide, the total landscape design fee will equate to roughly 10% of the total landscape construction cost of your garden. For example a garden costing $150,000 to construct, will have a design fee of approximately $15,000 + GST. To book a design, you simply sign the letter of engagement, return it to our office, and the design and drafting process is booked in for a start date.

Melbourne CBD & Flinders, Victoria
Our office is based in Malvern East and we also have a base at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula.

Weekend, Country or Interstate Projects
There may be occasions where a site visit is required by Jim prior to submitting a fee proposal. In these circumstances we can provide you with a travel fee and suitable time for the site visit to take place.

International Projects
Jim has worked extensively overseas. Please contact us via email if you would like to discuss an international project.

A Site Survey is carried out by a Surveyor and is not part of our fee proposal. We can refer you to a good surveyor or we can also organise a site survey if required on your behalf.

Once the project is booked in and the survey information has been received, Jim will arrange a site visit to review and analyse existing features and vegetation. Digital images of the site will be taken for later reference. All existing vegetation is identified and assessed for retention or removal.

1. Design Development & Concept
Jim will prepare a landscape concept plan to enable you to gain a clearer perspective of the proposed design prior to documentation. It is essential to allow for client input and feedback and to discuss budgets, ensuring that any amendments can be made prior to the development of the final master plan.

Jim uses 3D technology using Archicad software to create a 3D view of the design. The Design Development stage does not include detail drawings nor does it show any planting or specific construction details. As this is a working drawing, under no circumstances should a concept plan be issued for construction.

2. Existing Vegetation & Site Conditions Plan
Jim will provide an Existing Vegetation Plan showing all existing shrubs and trees. This plan denotes plants and trees that are to be retained, transplanted for later use, or removed.

3. Master Plan
Once the layout of the garden is confirmed, Jim will complete the Master Plan that shows the precise layout of all hard and soft areas of the proposed garden including location of relevant components such as swimming pools, paving, paths and garden beds.

The Master Plan also includes hardscape materials schedules such as paving, decking, garden beds and wall treatments

4. Site Set Out Plan
To ensure correct set out of the landscape, a Site Set Out Plan is provided that shows all site levels, set out dimensioning, and radius curves. This plan is crucial for the contractors when setting out and constructing the garden.

5. Contract Documentation & Construction Specifications
Construction specifications are provided to assist with obtaining accurate quotes and to ensure the contractor has a clear understanding as to the build method of the project.

6. Swimming Pool Set Out Plan
The best swimming pools are designed as part of the landscape. Jim designs swimming pools and provides a designated swimming pool plan that shows the dimensioned set out of the pool, final concrete pour levels to accommodate pool coping and paving, and specifications to assist pool companies quoting the construction of the swimming pool.

7. Construction Details, Sections & Elevation Drawings
All detail drawings, sectional drawing, and elevation drawings for relevant structures, components, screens, fences and walls will be supplied.

8. Planting Plan
Jim will design a detailed Planting Plan showing all areas of the proposed garden that includes a detailed plant schedule with plant names, quantities and pot sizes. Jim supplies plants to the client for the project meaning that Jim keeps direct control over the quality of plants used on projects. Jim has extensive contacts with nurseries in Australia and overseas and has the ability to source any plant or tree required.

9. Lighting Plan
A garden lighting plan is provided that shows locations, products and quantities of light fittings required to light your garden.

10. Schedules
All materials, fittings, paint colours and product are itemised, quantified and scheduled so that contractors can provide accurate quotes to construct the garden.

Once Jim has completed the design of your garden, Jim Fogarty Design can source quotes and administer the contractor who builds your garden. Jim will nominate a percentage fee of the contract price for this service. Once the contractor is notified, the construction of your new garden can commence. The client pays the landscape contractor directly. The client pays the contract administration fee directly to Jim Fogarty Design. The percentage fee is based on the size of the job. Please note that Project Management of the job is done by the appointed landscape contractor. This service is for clients that don’t have the time to deal with contractors and would prefer Jim to represent them during the construction phase.

It is the responsibility of the client to obtain any necessary planning or building permits. The client should check with council for permit requirements for the project. The client should check with the appointed landscape contractor for any Building Permits that may be required for constructing the garden. Clients should check with council prior to starting the design process for any heritage overlays or easements, which may affect the design layout of your garden. Plans completed by Jim Fogarty Design can be used for permit applications. It is likely that a building permit application will require Engineering certification which is payable by the client. The landscape design fee does not include engineering drawings. All fees relating to permit applications are payable by the client.

To ensure your garden always looks its best and fulfils its design intent, Jim recommends having regular garden maintenance. Speak to Jim about finding a good horticultural focused gardener that can maintain your garden.

A successfully sustainable garden is one that lasts generations. Jim is passionate about designing gardens that have a sense of place, whether it is a city garden in leafy family suburb or a coastal garden that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Making ethical choices is important when selecting the right materials for projects. All timber used on projects must be from certified sources such as FSC or PFC or similar. Jim prefers to use locally sourced materials and recycled or reused materials where possible.